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Friday, December 16, 2005

Poker One of the Most Popular Search Terms

Poker is as popular as Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, and Britney Spears and it blows away 50 Cent and Howard Stern. At least that?s the case with people trolling the Internet at Lycos.

Poker was the fourth-most popular term searched for in 2005 at, falling behind the beautiful Hilton, Anderson and Spears.

Each year, Lycos releases the ?Lycos 50,? a list of the most searched terms for the year. Last year, ?poker? was tenth on the list. Lycos also named poker as the number one ?fad? in 2005, even though poker received that accolade in 2004.

Poker has been in the top 50 terms searched for at Lycos for 86 weeks, and has sat at the second spot for the last two weeks. Poker is by far the most popular search term for a sport, game or hobby this year.

The professional wrestling league WWE was the seventh most searched term; NFL was at 23; XBOX, 24; ?NBA,? 32; NASCAR, 69; and golf, 98.

50 Cent sat at 51, and Stern fell 20 spots to 80.


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